Java Minestorm Manual
Java Minestorm is a remake of the classic Minestorm on the vectrex game platform. The original version is from MB, which marketed the hardware also.
As I own one of these ruling machines it seemed like a good idea to try and make a nice version in Java.
It seems to have worked :).

Please give it a try. We have tried to make the game look as the original as much as possible. Some stuff, notably the autofire which is a 'feature' of the Java keyboard handler are not a good thing. But as they are the only thing, it'll have to do...

Anyway, it is a fun game and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did making it!
Some features are not implemented yet, but we're working on it.

This game has the additional feature of using the 8hz Productions online scoreserver. Any highscores you make with this game will automatically be added to the online html page!

If you have any questions or comments, please mail me:

If the person (name unknown) who originally wrote this game for the vectrex wants his name here (or has comments), please let us know.

Minestorm Highscores Home The game.
There are no rules at this time. Just shoot anything that moves!

Not really a rule, but a suggestion: Your screensize should be at least 800x600,but 1024x768 is advised.
Remember to enter your name after your game has ended, our scoreserver will check your score and enter it in the highscore list if you did well enough.
You might want to use the BackSpace key to remove the word 'player' when entering your name, because it will be saved in the scorelist.

These should be simple:
	UP         : THRUST
	DOWN, M, m : WARP
        SPACE      : FIRE

A number of mines are floating through space built especially to destroy you.


Type 1:
It just floats through space trying to hit your ship.

Type 2:
These are a bit more advanced. They are set up to home in on your destroyer class starfighter. Watch your back!

Type 3:
This type of mine is rigged to shoot of a blazing fast missile when you destroy it. The WARP button is your friend!

Type 4:
These are the most leathal. They home in on you and are equiped with the same missiles as type 3 mines. WARP, FLY and SHOOT to save your but and the universe!

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© 1998 8Hz Productions. Amsterdam Netherlands. are two students in Amsterdam programming for the sake of learning.

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