STDISK is our new utility to get those pescy Atari ST .st and .msa images onto innocent, unsuspecting DD (and wannabe DD) floppies... As this was something that gave us more trouble than was good for anybody, we've started making this utility.

The tool is a MS-DOS 16bit program and should work on any MS-DOS/Windows system (Ix86 compatible). An AT is probably the minimum machine type, but it just might work on an XT. We have not been able to test this, though.
It seems that all images with 9 or 10 sectors/track will be formatted and written without problems. This means anything between 1 and 84 tracks or something :). Above that, like 11 and 12 sectors seems to fail at this time, at least it does on the boxen and floppy drives we've tested the tool on.
This needs some resolving ;)

New news:

Current version: Well, a bit quick after v1 ;), but here's v20b. It now also supports compressed and non-compressed MSA image files. Here it is:

Old news:

Previous version is v1.0b(c) ('a' and 'b' were never released, they were terminated after 2 short days :) . Try it, it should work pretty well. Dunno if you still want it, but here it is:

Be sure to at least browse through the readme.txt. It has interesting titbits of information and might apply to your situation. It also contains the all-important disclaimer.

NOTE: we'd like some feedback, so if stdisk works for you (or especially if it doesn't) email us, if many of you report the same undocumented features (bugs) we might be able to fix them...

See the 'contact us' button on information about contating us. For our main page, click here or click 'home' in the buttonbar.

A user (Thomas) from Germany has been so kind to make a German manual (anleitung) for stdisk. You can get it here.

Have a look at some screendumps:




Example error:

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